Spring Thing '18 results

Congratulations go to Michael J. Coyne, whose “Illuminismo Iniziato” received the most nominations for both the Audience Choice ribbon as well as the Alumni’s Choice ribbon (awarded by Spring Thing veterans). This is the first double win since Spring Thing '15.

All the festival games remain available for play on the Spring Thing site. Thanks to all the authors who entered games, all the prize donors who provided incentive, and all the players and reviewers who enjoyed the festival.

Some applause, please, for all the authors!

Many thanks to all those who entered, played, and voted. Congratulations to all participants–I have some played some really fine games during this competition.

I’m pleased about the results, as it’s nice to see that there’s still a place in people’s hearts for parser IF.

I set out to create the kind of game that I would enjoy playing. It’s the curse of the author to never be able to view his own work with fresh and unbiased eyes, so it’s very hard to guess how a game will appear to others and how it will be received.

Just like with my last game, I’m surprised at some of the things some people found difficult and surprised at the ease with which they sailed through what I thought might be the harder bits.

Thanks very much to Aaron for organizing a great competition. I believe this was a record year for the number of entries as well. We beat 2010, at any rate : )


Good job all!

Yes! Even with considerable testing, it’s very difficult to know ahead of time what’s going to stump a good chunk of the players.