Spring Thing '14: New Prizes and small deadline change

Greetings all— this is your seasonal reminder that the Spring Thing intent to enter deadline is March 1st 2014, so if you’re thinking of submitting something, 'twill soon be the time!

A small announcement: the deadline for submitting your game this year has been moved a few days later, so as not to coincide with a travel date for me: it’s now April 9th. You now have even more time to perfect your entry! (The deadline for submitting your intent to enter, March 1st, remains the same.)

More significantly, I wanted to bring people’s attention to the amazing prizes donated so far this year, including:

  • between $200 and $900 (!) cash, depending on the number of entrants, thanks to generous donations by Greg Boettcher and Kate McKee.
  • A deluxe box set edition of Cryptozookeeper, winner of five 2011 XYZZY awards including Best Game, donated by Rob Sherwin.
  • An original 1930’s Dennis Wheatley Crime dossier, and 1970s reprint dossier, both donated by Zack Urlocker. These artifact-laden murder mysteries inspired Infocom’s feelies and even some of their games!
  • Two algorithmically generated novels from NaNoGenMo, as printed physical editions, one donated by Nick Montfort and the other by the competition organizer (more on this prize here)

Thanks to all the prize donors. Looking forward to a great comp this spring!

(In case you haven’t heard, the Spring Thing is “the other” annual IF comp. The Thing is designed to create a place for longer, more polished games (which means it has often featured a more select set of entrants than the IF Comp) but is open to any new, completed interactive fiction. You need to pay a $7 fee to enter, but there are cool prizes!)

I’m amazed that Zark would part with the Wheatley prizes!

Our love-child, no doubt.

Ah. Yes. Something short-circuited in my brain. And it’s too funny for me to edit it out. [emote]:)[/emote]