Spoken Word Interactive Fiction: Can it be done? Should it?

I know some IF authoring systems allow designers to include music and audio files. So in theory, at least, it should be possibly to create a work that is mostly (maybe even completely?) spoken, consisting of narration instead of text.

Just a thought I’m kicking around. How difficult would it be to create something like that? Should the player respond in kind, speaking the commands instead of typing them (and how difficult would that be to implement?) What would be the best system for creating such a work? Would anyone want to actually PLAY it?

I’m envisioning something that’s like interactive old-time radio. With SFX, voice acting, etc.

Poke around audiogames.net, likely as not you’ll find something like this there.


Thank you. I’ll check that out.

Wow, that’s really cool! Getting it now.

There’s a wee conversation about this in the Twine forum; I eventually want to do an audio version of Raik.

I think this kind of project is definitely worthwhile.

In addition to being a grouchy IF veteran, Rob Noyes (spatch) is the Artist in Residence for the Post-Meridian Radio Players, and a few years back, we were discussing doing an “interactive radio play” with full voice acting. But nothing ever came of it.