Spoilering graphics question(s)

I like the blurring effect that Discord gives on certain graphics to the forum.

But I had two questions:

  1. is there actual software that can do this from the command line?
  2. if there isn’t, is it much of a server load/party foul to upload files, spoiler-tag them, screenshot the spoiler-blurred graphics and then ditch the draft? My suspicion is no, but I wanted to ask in case there was a weird case. This probably wouldn’t be for more than 30 files, in any case.
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image-magick is the photoshop of the command line.

Once installed, you can use its convert command with the blur filter:

convert orig_file.jpg -blur 0x8 blured_file.jpg

Change 8 to a bigger number for a bigger blur (it’s the blur radius).


I’d used ImageMagick before for simpler tasks but never thought of looking at it. Thanks for pointing this out!

It has so much documentation and maybe it’s time to leaf through all that again to see what else I may have missed.

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