Spoiled by easy commands... Recommendations?

I’ve played Emily Short’s Bronze and like the top bar telling me what room I’m in, which directions are available, which rooms I’ve visited, and how many rooms discovered. I love the “go to blahblah room” and list rooms or objects commands. It would be perfect to be able to tell which rooms have everything solved and which I still have active puzzles in. Are there any game recommendations along the same lines that provide puzzles but aren’t too geeky for a girl to understand? (:

Many of Emily Short’s games have those kinds of luxuries. If you’re down with playing something “full length” (as in, takes more than ten hours to solve), her latest game is pretty excellent: http://emshort.com/counterfeit_monkey/

Blue Lacuna by Aaron Reed

Hmm, this could be tough. If you don’t mind playing a game for kids, Six could be fun. Not too hard, and I recall there being a compass rose as well. I don’t remember if it had a go-to command as well, though; it’s been a while.

Practically everyone loves Lost Pig! No compass rose or go-to either, but the play area is small enough that it probably won’t matter. Plus it has in-game hints!

Finally, Dinner Bell is worth a look. It’s only got one room, and the puzzles aren’t too hard (there’s only one real stumper). Plus it’s just amazingly funny.

thank you guys, ive done lost pig but ill try dinner bell, six, blue laguna and more emily shorts.


You might want to try out Violet. Also, consider The Chinese Room. It’s the first game I played and the one that got me into interactive fiction in the first place.