Spiral: stuck in ending

Has anyone successfully completed Spiral? I’ve

(I’m playing the game on Parchment.)

[spoiler]So you can’t ‘examine thing’? Or (anything) thing?

When I was at that part, I think Ross was in the carriage with me, and he was talking about the thing, but I had no trouble seeing it or trying to kill it (which is what Ross wanted me to do). But I don’t know if you are Ross, or whether your circumstances are different generally, since this game has a bunch of different endings and I only got 1 of them.

  • Wade[/spoiler]

How did you get Ross in there with you? When I enter the burning carriage (as either Ross or Helen) I’m always alone. Both characters have all 7 soul/book pieces and the knife and syringe.


I would guess that, ironically, your level of success may be causing your problem - at least relative to my experience [emote]:)[/emote]

When I got to the carriage, I had all Helen’s pages, but I only had a couple of Ross’s crystals. Maybe that’s why Ross was there in my game? But the ‘thing’ was present and apparent before I had the knife and syringe. Its presence was what prompted me to find those things in order to kill it. So, not knowing how the happy endings are meant to go, there could be something else entirely you need to do, or it’s possible there’s a bug and the thing’s meant to be there, but isn’t. Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got to offer.

  • Wade[/spoiler]

I also had all seven pieces of both characters’ souls and had no trouble seeing or killing the thing. I don’t remember having had to do anything to get the character I wasn’t playing as into the train compartment; the other person was automatically there as soon as I entered. I was playing in Parchment as well. Sorry, this isn’t really any help, but you don’t seem to be doing anything wrong, at least.