SpeedIF - Mar 6, 2016

This is going to be a tough one…I’m going to start pushing authors to implement harder things, so taking the whole week will become almost necessary.

Parameters are:

  • The PC can fly
  • The IXS Enterprise
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Astronaut selection process
  • A Robot Sidekick
  • Breaking the fourth wall
  • Pointless awards Ceremony

Stories due by March 12th. Have at it!

I’m working on my entry; I’ll let everyone know when it’s complete. Btw, most of the parameters of this week’s SpeedIF are a sci-fi fan’s heaven. Live long and prosper!

It’s still the 12th somewhere…

I did my very best to ensure that there were no bugs in this one, due to the nature of the beast (it’s a tutorial for Inform 7! for all of your first ten lines worth of code!). Which is not saying there mayn’t be some, hilarious or otherwise.

Also, er, bit dry. Slightly balanced by the fact that you can (heh) enjoy literally any kind of environment you can possibly imagine. Maybe in future I’ll make the sphere somewhat more dynamic as a character.