SpeedIF - January 31, 2016

We convened on speedif.plover.net/speedif and came up with the following paramters:

“Something that happens in five days”
“David Bowie”
“Mysterious Arctic”
“Cookie monster’s girlfriend”

optional: “brainwashing”,“breaking up”

Stories can be uploaded through Saturday, February 6th. Next parameter meeting will be Sunday, February 7th, 18:00 UTC.

If this works, my game is attached.


It be great to post this on the speedif site too!

Attached, hopefully, is my entry into this week’s speedIf – note that it’s TADS 3, with adv3Lite.

– Mike

So, were there more than those two games for this SpeedIF? Just asking 'cause it seems a new one is up.

I checked out speedif.plover.net/speedif, but it wanted me to create an account, and I have an aversion to doing that for no good reason.

Just the two games and I wouldn’t worry about signing up…it’s my site hosted on plover and no one has admin access except me.

Right then. Cheers!

Mike, I couldn’t get yours to open in Cocoa. That’s the right file, correct?

I played it with HTMLTads.

You can play You Matched! on Mac OS X using the Qtads interpreter.