SpeedIF - February 7, 2016

Params for this week are:

  • Mysterious red underwear
  • Chinese horoscopes
  • Super Bowl Trophy
  • Late for something
  • No one is talking
  • in the third person
  • broken branches
  • magnetic pole flip
  • squirrels
  • ocean-side farm

Since this is a lot, I would just say use at least 5 of the parameters, but you know you want to use them all…

Attached is my entry The Reveal, Tads 3 with adv3Lite. I somehow managed to use all 10 parameters, I think.


– Mike

That was awesome and hilarious. Well done!

I think I have to update my computer system; I can’t get any TADS software to run your games on my antiquated 10.6.8, Mike. Pity, it sounds like fun.

Mine’s attached. Coding exercise mostly, but it was fun getting this piece of nineteenth-century fiction to work as interactive fiction.

I also run 10.6.8. I’m able to play Mike’s game with QTads 2.1.6. The latest version of QTads (2.1.7) dropped Snow Leopard support, but you can still grab 2.1.6 here.

Finally figured it out. Yours are light-hearted, Mike.