SpeedIF - Feb 28, 2016

Params this week are:

Rodeo BBQ Cookoff
Sneaking in private tent at BBQ Cookoff
Taking the light rail
The song Sweet Caroline
Good Country Music
The unused and soon to be demolished Astrodome
Vinyl record store
Blues upright bass player
Being hungover

Needless to say there’s a lot of my trip to Houston, TX and Madison, WI this weekend here, but I will say if you ever have a chance to go to the Rodeo BBQ Cookoff, do it. It’s definitely something to experience.

Is there a process for testing the games from this challenge? I have a short (5 room) game that I am finishing up. It will be my first finished piece in I7 and I wonder if there might be people willing to help me by testing/trying to break it.

As I mentioned in a different thread, I am currently bound to development within my browser and I made the game on Playfic. I could publish and post a link to the game, or try to make something work if it is supposed to be tested before published.

Anyone willing to try to help out a fledgling creator?

A tested SpeedIF entry? My word!

Wasn’t sure whether this was the right place when the “snow” prompt was in the other thread, but it’s a Speedif and it’s done!

It was eighty percent done the night of the Gravity Falls finale, (for which Healy from Talking Time proposed a gamejam for which this is lamentably late), but I kept fiddling with the dialogue. Noticeably rough and ready around the edges, but that’s what these threads are for, right?

I suppose I should have known better, I lurk around here enough even if I’m not a super active poster.

I made a working thing in Inform 7. Vinyl Records. I’m so proud of myself, I feel like I should call up my mother and ask her to hang it on the refrigerator. [emote]:lol:[/emote] but we all start somewhere.

Dude (or dudette), you made something. That’s a lot more than some of us will achieve. Don’t apologise for it. [emote]:)[/emote] The whole point of SpeedIF is to get people to actually release something, something they otherwise might never do, and you’ve achieved that with flying colours.

To put it another way - heck yeah, hang it on your fridge, and hang it proudly!

Ha, I’m tickled to learn I inspired such a thing! It’s pretty good! Some notes:

[spoiler]* Junk shop guy mentioned in the description for the bell is McGuckett, right? I can never remember he owns a junk shop or just lives at the dump.

  • Who’s Big guy? Manly Dan or Free Pizza guy?
  • “Ask” should really be a synonym for “tell” in this game.
  • Bug: if you trying telling Toby Determined about gold, the game prints a blank line.
  • Is the book Dipper’s carrying supposed to be Journal 3? (I tried examining it by typing “X BOOK”, but the game didn’t recognize it.) If so, should he be consulting it in full view of Grunkle Stan?
  • Maybe Bug? I couldn’t get the second ending to trigger. Giving Stan the gold didn’t do anything, and I don’t know what else would cause it.

I’ve attached a transcript of my playthrough, in case you want it. Thanks for making this!

xavea said:

Yes, it works! Well done. Short and swwet.

Thanks gil!

*Edited to clarify:

I am happy that the community is supportive of learning-type games and I think SpeedIF challenges are a great way to foster development without getting too bogged down by too many details. Thanks DavidC, for making a weekly thing of it!

gil, I appreciate your positive feedback. I learned a bunch of things trying to get my piece to work that helped me figure out some bug in my much larger WIP. Anyone offering constructive criticism or pointers are also very welcome.

Thanks for the advice and playthrough, Healy, much appreciated. (Or playthroughs - thanks to Heartless Zombie too.)

I’ll try to tidy up the story a bit this weekend so it’s more playable. The second ending should be achievable right now - at least, it runs when I test it - but isn’t clued nearly as well as the first.

By the way, xavea, I’ve just started coding in Inform as well and the community’s been very supportive of my goes. I’ve found it’s good not to be afraid of trying things out and making mistakes; it’s all part of the learning curve.

Attached is my entry which does have all 9 params represented. It may be just a coincidence, but it certainly doesn’t represent Dave’s adventure during the Rodeo BBQ Cookoff, I think.


– Mike

Actually the cookoff is in the parking lot south of the dome and NRG Stadium. They’ve got the Astrodome sort of blocked by cafe’s, art, gardens, and walkways. I don’t think anyone actually goes in there anymore.

Fun game!

Because I’m very smart, I managed to post the version of the story from Gravity Falls-finale night, the one I’d decided wasn’t nearly good enough for public consumption, instead of the one that I’ve actually fixed up with care and attention (this one definitely has two endings in it, honest). Sigh. I did put in emendations for those things suggested that I hadn’t already fixed though.

Sorry about that, everyone. Think it must have been an accident with the difference between the “release” and “replay” buttons (and an IFDB muddle.) Thanks for your patience.

Ahhh, the new version is so good! I loved the secret ending; just the right amount of difficulty to achieve, I think. And is that a Scrooge McDuck reference I spy?

It certainly is!

Glad you liked the new version.