SpeedIF Feb 14, 2016

Here we go…no one showed up on the site, so my daughter Tori and I came up with a few parameters…

  • Love
  • Speed and Agility
  • Soccer
  • Snow
  • Nothing tastes good
  • Wireless charging
  • Downtown by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis
  • Penny’s 16th birthday

Have at it!!!

Argh three more days I promise I’ll have something out by then!

Dude, if it turns out that you’ll only end up with two hours to make the thing… you’ll have completely succeeded in the SpeedIF spirit! Sweat is a thing you should not do! [emote];)[/emote]

That would be unintentional…

hysterical laughing

This is my offering! It is untested. It’s short to midlength, depending on how fast you can read.


(Will work on:

  • offline version for download
  • slightly more meaningful use of stats
  • gentler transitions)