SPECTRUM questions

hi, i looked around in this topic for my answer and didnt find it, so i apologize if this has been covered. im interested in playing some IF that needs the Spectrum interpreter. i couldnt figure out where to find this emulator/interpreter. i do remember i had gotten a hold of it last year, but then had problems running games on it. any advice to these issues? thanks, all!

There’s a few in www.ifarchive.org, but the one I use is Spectaculator. It’s not free, unfortunately, but in my Windows system it’s the very best I’ve found to suit my needs.

Any Speccy emulator will play most, if not all, Spectrum IF titles with no problem. Perhaps you can get confused chosing the right Spectrum model to select for playing some specific game or how to load it if you’re not used to play with the real machine. If that’s the case just tell us here what issues you’re having. If nothing else works you can go to the page of any text adventure game at the World Of Spectrum archive. They have their own category starting from here. Each entry has links to play the game on-line using a java emulator just on the fly, so you won’t have to configure any emulator at all.

awesome, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: