Spectrum games on the IFDB

Alright, which of you jokers is cluttering up the IFDB with Spectrum games and not giving download links? You’re only making my next Spelunking game statistically less contentful.

I am, of course, having a giraffe. Kudos to the Paul Equinox Collins for the good work adding to the database.

Aww, I was meaning to do the next Spelunking game. If only because I could ensure cover continuity.

Ooh, please do! I always aim to write the games that I would want to play, and so I would play another Spelunking game in heartbeat.

You can always find a Spectrum game on worldofspectrum.org/textadv/index.html.

Why no one ever links to it, I don’t know. Copyright issues? Not wanting to overload WoS’ bandwidth? No-one ever thought to?

I’m guessing the latter. As an experiment, I’ve just added the download link for one of the games uploaded. If I’m still alive this time tomorrow, it’s probably safe.

Great work, Joey. First you suggest and advocate a post-it note (that, on closer inspection, wasn’t even a post-it note) as a permanent forum logo, and now you’ve got the Spectrum Police breathing down our necks.

Okay, fine. I’ll do 2, you do 3, and I’ll draw half-assed climber cover art for the lot of 'em. (Or for anybody else who wants to play too).

Whoever writes them, I insist on being able to start each Spelunking game with all of the items I collected in the previous one.

I added a download link to Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smith’s Head a few days ago and it is still active.

Damn you, Jones

daaaaaaamn yooooooou

My day is not considered complete unless I’ve been damned at least twice.

Speaking of the recent deluge of spectrum games on IFDB, has anyone played this one yet? It’s based off of the Prisoner episode of the same name, and I’ve always thought there should be more games inspired by The Prisoner. (Yes, I know of the one for the Apple II.)

Oh! There’s a Spectrum game written by me at IFDB! :smiley: In fact, it’s been there for years, and has an IF-Archive colective link to games presented to the same competition inherited from BAF’s guide. I’ve just added some tags, but couldn’t add some better links (WOS or my own website) though.

Awesome! Which game is it? Presuming you’re rockersuke on IFDB, it doesn’t seem to be linked to you as the author, so that needs doing.

Done! Game linked to my account. When I created my IFDB user a couple of years ago I wasn’t even aware it was there! I’ll add some more bits to it later. This is my first “editing” at IFDB and I’m not quite sure how it works! This was my Speccy thing -> ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=65iokxv70zj6ysay

Healy, there were many games based on The Prisoner written for the Spectrum. I’ve played them all, and the one I felt best captured the atmosphere of the show was Number 6 in the Village by Zenobi Software.

There’s a page about it here http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0006750

And it can also be played online using a Javascript Spectrum emulator here: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekplay.cgi?title=Number+6+in+the+Village+%5b2%5d&pub=Philip+Richmond&year=1987&id=0006750&game=/games/n/Number6InTheVillage(2)(GlobalGames).tzx.zip&emu=3


You cannot comprehend how enticed I am right now. I can only hope you get a higher ratio of playable games. I don’t know what wizardry you performed to make the image but I’m impressed.

Looks like seven out of ten. One game that certainly exists but would be too much of a hassle to run, and two that were only released on now-defunct sites.

Just like Cold as Death-- if anything these games make an argument for the existence and use of the IF Archive.