Specifying html lang attribute when releasing as website

Is it possible to instruct Inform to add a “lang” attribute to the element when releasing a project as a website?

I was reading an article about accessibility and it made the point that speech synthesizers need to know what language they are pronouncing. If not, the output may not be intelligible.

While I suppose you could manually set the language parameter for a voice synth, a more general and already standardized solution is to pull it automatically from meta-data attached to the source text.



That’s controlled by the template file in Inform.

The standard template just has “”; there’s no capacity to alter that. You could write a new template with the desired language, or edit the HTML output after generation.

You can copy one of the existing templates and edit it to suit your needs.


Thanks, both. In my case I’d lean towards editing the output since most of the time I’m working in English, but it’s handy to know about the template. - Jack