Special Inventory and Taking rules

I’m trying out a CYOA port of the Lone Wolf stories.

The game has special inventory rules (you can only have 2 weapons, you have a list of spells, 8 backpack items, infinite Special items, etc).

Now it’s easy to designate items as special, backpack, weapon, etc.

I want to make sure the game knows:

  1. if you try to take a weapon and already have 2, you need to get rid of one
  2. backpack items are automatically placed in the backpack and cannot be held seperately
  3. gets around “shortcuts” which take items. Example
You don't have enough room in your backpack for the letter.
Blah blah, letter text.

I considered having weapons be “held” and the carrying capacity being 2, with a worn backpack rucksack, but I don’t want the items to be interchangable (drop sword, take vial from backpack).

Also, I want the inventory screen to separate weapons from backpack items. (Worse yet is gaining the herb pouch which in many ways functions as a separate backpack).

Any suggestions?

Are there non-weapon, non-backpack items? Do the special items go somewhere, or are they generally held?

The example covers in broad strokes what you want (or seems to, although I didn’t test extensively). #3 should be caught if you’re using “try taking X” rules for your other actions. For an example of this, try eating the box of chocolates in the example if your backpack is full. (I would argue against this particular instance as a player, given that you’d have to drop something, pick up the chocolate, eat the chocolate, and then pick the thing up again, so tweakage may be advised.)

[code]“Inventory Management” by Gravel

Include Plurality by Emily Short.

Section - The Backpack

The player is wearing a container called a backpack.

Instead of taking off, dropping the backpack:
say “You can’t bring yourself to leave behind your trusty backpack!”

Definition: a backpack is loaded if the number of things contained by it is greater than 7.

After taking a storable thing (called the target) (this is the stow storables rule):
now the target is in the backpack;
say “You put [the target] in your backpack.”;

Check taking something enclosed by the backpack:
say “You can do whatever you need to with that while it’s in your pack.” instead.

Check dropping something enclosed by the backpack:
now the player is holding the noun;
try dropping the noun;
if the player is holding the noun:
now the noun is in the backpack;
say “Unable to drop [the noun], you reinsert [it-them] into your pack.” instead;
do nothing instead.

Section - Storable Things

A thing is either storable or not storable. A thing is usually storable.
Check taking a storable thing when the backpack is loaded:
say “Your backpack is stuffed to bursting already.” instead.

The dagger, spear, and sword are in the Equipment Room.
A box of chocolates is in the Equipment Room. A box of chocolates is edible.

Section - Weapons

A weapon is a kind of thing. The dagger, the spear, and the sword are weapons. A weapon is usually not storable.

Check taking a weapon (this is the weapon limitation rule):
if the player encloses more than one weapon:
say “You can only carry two weapons at a time.” instead.

Section - Plot Items

A plot item is a kind of thing. The Wand of Opening is a plot item in the Equipment Room. A plot item is never storable.

Section - Release

The Equipment Room is a room. A statue, a coin, a duck, some junk, a balloon, a can, a bottle, a glass, and an old phone are in the Equipment Room.

Instead of dropping the glass, say “It might break!”

Things in containers automatically separate out in inventory, so it’s always going to look sort of like:

herb pouch:
more stuff

Assuming you do implement the pouch as a container. You might also look at “Persephone” as far as inventory management goes.

You’re going to need rules to address the fact that you’ll usually be manipulating stuff from your pack; you can see a kludgy workaround for the drop action above. Fortunately, there’s not too many of these.

Thanks I will try this.