Spatterlight 1.1 released

You can now set a theme to be activated automatically in dark mode, and another in light mode.

Also includes a new option for flicker in Scott Adams games, as discussed in this thread.

Get the new release here:


Hey Petter, what’s the leftmost column in the browser window for? i.e. The one to the left of Title. It used to just be blank. Now it has a bunch of pause symbols in it (like the pause button on a remote control.) Except next to the Hugo game in my browser list, which has no symbol.


That is the status column. It has always shown a symbol if a game file is missing, but release 0.9.9 added symbols for “playing” (open, running games) and “stopped” (open games that have ended.) In 1.0 a “paused” symbol was also added, for autosaved games.


Cool, thanks.