Spatterlight 0.8.1, with new cover image features

You can now show a cover image before the game starts, for the original Beyond Zork experience!

At least the Atari ST version of Beyond Zork I played in 1989 did this. I think that was the last Beyond Zork feature missing from Spatterlight.

When adding games, there is now an option to automatically look for suitable image files on the HDD to use as cover images, and another option to download metadata (and images) from IFDB at the same time.

In previous versions, downloading new images always replaced the existing ones. This can now be changed in preferences, so that existing images are never overwritten, or a dialog is shown before replacing them. The default behavior is the same as before.

You can add cover images by dragging them to the sideview or info windows, or copying and pasting them. Images can also be dragged or copy-pasted from Spatterlight to the Finder and other applications.

Very large image files are likely to cause problems, and I’ll try to do something about that in the next release. Until then, please report any new issues, crashes, and annoyances on Github!

I’ve also fixed many bugs related to the font and paragraph settings introduced in the last release, and improved searching. Read the full change log here.


I’ve made a new release with many minor updates.

There is now an option to set the border color, and also two new ways to display cover images at the start of a game. Cover image views in the library sidebar and info panels have a new contextual menu, where things like image description and filtering can be set. Also, split window mode should work much better.

EDIT: Added images to show the effect of disabling image filtering. Not sure what the forum software did to the shadows.