[SPAG] Request for Content for Issue #59

Hi, folks…

Astute SPAG followers will have noticed that there should have been an issue around, oh, last month sometime, but it never appeared. My apologies for that. We’re going to try to get things back in track with a big Competition feature issue for mid-November.

I say “we” because there are some changes afoot in SPAG’s worldwide headquarters. I’m going to be stepping down as editor following this issue, passing the torch that was passed to me five years ago to one of my best and most thoughtful regular contributors: David Monath. You may not know David as well as you do me, but that will change soon enough. I’m sure he’s going to do a great job, and look forward to seeing how SPAG evolves under his guidance. David and I will be working on this next issue together as we make the transition.

With that said, we need content!

We’d like to assemble a team of reviewers again this year to tackle the upcoming Competition entries. If you can help David and me out, please email me at davidm.spag@gmail.com, and tell us how many games you might be able to handle.

There are also some other, already extant games that need reviews. To wit:

Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home
EGC Paper Chase
The Art of Fugue
'Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus
Digital: A Love Story
Choice of… games (any, some, or all)

And of course article and interview ideas and submissions, as well as reviews of older games and games I’ve overlooked here, are welcome and encouraged. If you have the time, please think about helping to make my last issue and David’s first a special one!


Wow, it’s been five years already? Thanks for what you’ve done, and good luck to David picking up the torch!