SPAG Issue 61

I am pleased to announce…

[url=]SPAG Issue 61!



New site design is also nice!

Yes! Hooray and thanks, Dannii and all the contributors. It’s great to see a new issue.

Awesome, thank you!

Is there a way to still download it as a single file for easy archiving and offline reading? I am probably being stooopid and looking right past it …

No there isn’t. I’ll think about what I can do. Were people still interested in ebook versions as well?

Congrats, this is a great new look! Look forward to reading it!


Wow! Great to see! A nice start to the new year.

Here’s a vote for both.

Also, very nice work - it’s good to see SPAG back up.

I’d love a downloadable PDF of the whole issue. (Well, not necessarily a PDF, but a single document in which can read the whole issue.)

Ok! PDF and ebook (mobi and epub) will be coming, but it will probably take a few days. Maybe quite a few.

Is it running on a self-hosted Wordpress installation? There seem to be quite a lot export to PDF plugins available.

Or someone could just copy-paste the articles to a word processor and print as PDF, but that wouldn’t be a very sustainable solution.

It is, but I’d prefer to hand craft the downloadables. I’ll get out my LaTeX VM again… :slight_smile: (Actually LyX, but whatever.)

Many, many thanks! (both for giving us SPAG back and for making the off-line versions!) Spanish IF-guys have been regularly making a PDF of their SPAC thing for a while, leaving the layout in the hands of someone who had the skill, time and enthusiasm to do it with an almost pro look. In our case, just something comfortable to read off-line will do. I’ll love the e-pub, as I always carry my e-book reader when going to work! :smiley:

Many-so-many thankings, with hugs :slight_smile:

In Sam Ashwell’s interview with the (anonymous) author of Eurydice, the author says this:

I realise this exposes my ignorance (although I am not sure of what, exactly), but: the what?

Earlier in the interview:

(The salmon’s better, obviously. Deckchairs are uncomfortable and inedible.)

You eat live salmon? I guess that’s what living in Alaska does to you…


looking great!

Ah, yes. Turns out I’m not exactly ignorant, it’s more that I am sloppy reader. Not sure this is a good thing. Thanks, maga.