SPAG is seeking ParserComp and Spring Thing reviews

Title says it all. All those who are interested and can commit to at least one or two reviews (these will be short, think capsule reviews of albums), please email Links to prior reviews would be awesome, if you have them (they are not required, but maybe write a paragraph or so about an IF work you like so I can get a sense of your writing style/interests).

Thanks in advance!

And if you’re just playing now to write your review, I’d appreciate it if you played the testing build of Terminator–it’s the top link at IFDb, if you’re not sure if you have it see if you can turn on “Rules” and “Actions”; if you can, you’ve got the testing version.

[There’s a long story here, but basically there was a bug that only showed up when I did an actual release so I couldn’t squash it in the IDE, and Carolyn nicely let me post the testing version that didn’t manifest the bug. Most of the people who played it probably played the bugged version so if you want the Authentic Experience you can play that, but the testing version is still an official ParserComp version and, well, it doesn’t have that bug.]