SPAG #63 is out!

Lots of good stuff in this issue, but it still needs one thing to complete it, and that is YOUR PITCHES! Particularly looking for Spring Thing reviews and for interviews, but anything you can think of is potentially welcome. Email spag.mag.if at Gmail for the highest chance of my seeing it in time.


Excellent, and thank you Katherine!

Excellent and surprising to see a new issue out! Sporadic portions of the text appear almost corrupted, glitchy as if the articles had been thumbed in on celphone text messages – eg. “Ths makes everything murky; last year’s comp saw rumblings of the fact, or perhaps coincidence, fact that every Twine game in the 2015 com[” … both beginning and ending a sentence on a typo is a portentous omen to be sure! I think that that’s as bad as it gets, and the meaning is always clear, but all the same… no beta-testers are credited 8)

Editing oversight, fixed now.

RELEVANT: I didn’t mention this in the post, but we pay for published writing. Not much, as this is an independent publication, but something.

A reminder that we are still accepting pitches! Send them to spag.mag.if @ gmail – it’ll get to me faster. I’d love to read your ideas, and this time there is money involved…