Space between status line and menu options?

This might be very picky and a small detail when I have so much else to accomplish, but… is there a way to get a paragraph break between the status line black bar and the contents of a menu page when using the Menus by Emily Short built in extension?

Yes. Open your copy of the extension and edit the following block of code.

To reprint (selected menu - a table name):
	redraw status line;
	say fixed letter spacing;
	let __index be 1;
	clear only the main screen;
	say paragraph break; [ <-- Add this line here. ]
	repeat through selected menu
		if __index is current menu selection, say " >"; otherwise say "  ";
		say " [title entry][line break]";
		increase __index by 1;
	end repeat;
	say variable letter spacing;

Unfortunately this extension is not really broken up by headings, so you can’t use a heading-replacement to sub this in. You need to edit the extension itself.

Thanks! I was hoping there was a way to do it without editing a built in, but no biggie, I’ll do that.

You can also put a blank line at the top of your menu table, with the Little-Used Do Nothing Rule as its toggle.

That is clever and sneaky, but unfortunately it makes the cursor start on a blank line. I edited the built in and all is well! Thanks again.

You can also use my Menus rewrite on Github.

In Emily’s extension I think this is actually inconsistent - a blank line will be printed for the Z-Machine, but not for Glulx.