Sound issue in inform

Trying to get sounds to work in inform 7. I’ve tried to get it to play in inform 7 itself and glulxe windows. no sound. There is a file called mk.ogg in the sounds directory in materials…

compiles ok…but what am i doing wrong?

sound mk is the file “mk.ogg”.
When play begins:
set the foreground volume to 3;
play sound mk in foreground.

Are you using an extension to play sounds? I’m asking because in standard Inform, your example doesn’t compile for me, since Inform doesn’t recognize “set the foreground volume to 3” and the “play … in foreground” phrasing.

If you don’t need to do anything fancy with different channels, you can just do the following:

Sound mk is the file "mk.ogg".

When play begins:
	play sound mk.

I just tested this, and it should work okay. See also the manual, section 23.8.

That also compiles for me but o sound…the extension is
Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella.

I have the sound in the sound folder for the materials of the game,.,…no luck.

Got i working… Thanks!