Sound in Inform 6

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum, been playing through the IF comp games the last few years and finally decided to make a game myself. It’s not a very complicated game, mostly atmospheric and very loose. I really want to complement my game as well as my future project by adding background music and/or sound effects (Been reading too many sound novels). As I understand it, inform 7 provides an easier way to include sound files and inform 6 requires some not so easy hacks to make it work. My programming background in Java and C++ made me go with inform 6 to start developing. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction to getting sound working with I6?

With a harder question like this, be sure also to ask it on the newsgroup: … ion/topics . (Or approach it through a newsreader, if you have one.) More hard-core Inform 6 programmers hang out there than here. :slight_smile:

I could have guessed that I suppose. Thanks though. I will make sure to put the question up on the newsgroup or otherwise do more research.