sorry for being a dork, but i need a bit of help.

TL;DR look for the red…

hiya! i’m learning to use inform 7 and i have a really simple (i hope) problem. as i learn i sometimes make a project to test my skills and see what i know how to do. well, i’m having a slight bit of trouble. basically, there is a bottle, which is closed, and can not be opened without the bottle opener. if you try without the bottle opener in your inventory, it will display “without a bottle opener?” and if you have it, the bottle should open. like i said, a really noob problem. i guess i’m not used to a language that is this good at interpreting english. its right in the middle ground between not knowing quite enough to be proper and too much to get normal coding stuff… this is harder than my first week of Java… :frowning:

What you want here is a Check rule or and Instead rule. Here’s the Check version:

Check opening bottle: if the player does not carry bottle-opener begin; say "This isn't a screw-top. You'll need some kind of opener. Or learn how to do it with your teeth, which you're not going to attempt with your current dental plan."; stop the action; end if;
You also need to make the bottle a kind of thing that can be opened in the first place.

the bottle is an openable closed container.

(In general, if you have noobish how-do-I-do-this problems, it’s a good idea to look at the Recipe Book section of the manual. For instance, in this case you’d look in Section 9: Props, under 9.2, Bags, Bottles, Boxes and Safes.)

Thanks, i have the openable thing down and all that, it was basically the checking if the bottle opener is in your inventory i missed, this solves that, thank you so much :slight_smile: hopefully it will be a while before i mess up again, and sorry, i tried checking the recipe book but had no clue where to look. i’ve just been reading it all.

Oh, don’t worry about asking questions here -that’s what the forum’s for. It’s just often more convenient for you if you know where to look to fix your own problem.