Somewhere to put feedback on IFDB?

I’m not sure where this goes…

But where can we put comments/questions about a game’s source - e.g. when the link to the download source is broken and you’d like to notify the author? Or if the game format doesn’t make sense and doesn’t play on the expected interpreters? It doesn’t seem appropriate to put it in the reviews, but there’s nowhere else within IFDB to do it.

I know I just did that - there’s not a comment section until there’s a review.

I can delete my questioning reviews when appropriate.

Yeah, it’s what I usually do. Make a non-star review and delete when you’re done.

Saw the message you guys. :slight_smile:

If you run Linux or Apple and don’t feel comfortable with running a .exe file. You can download qb64, the language that I’ve written it in, and play it off of that. I always include the source code with the game cause it’s a great learning tool for those who want to learn.

Also here’s the link. … aylor.html

Hey frankromo, what’s your favorite game that you guys have made? (I assume there’s 3 people in D.B.T.) I’d like to try one, but I don’t know where to start.

Howdy Craiglocke, nope it’s just me Dave doing it all. Well, I have three games here for
you to play. My personnel favorites until Zombie Adventure comes out tomorrow. It’s
a massive game with 178 rooms, a save feature, combat, a wicked title screen, and
some good times added in. So that is my favorite game but here are my favorite games
that are already released.

Dark Realm -
Into The Shadow of the Maze -
Where is Everybody? -

I don’t want to learn, I want to play a game!

Remember that anyone can edit the IFDB, so it you see some mistakes it would probably be most helpful to fix them yourselves. If a link is broken, remove it (however check if it’s a bad IF Archive mirror. Sometimes the mirrors are down, and you should edit the entries to refer to the main mirror instead.) If the format is wrong, change it. If that means that an entry on longer has any files, so be it, there are many like that already. If you have the author’s email address it’s probably more useful to email them than write a fake review.