Something I don't understand about categorising actions

Let’s say I class pushing and attacking as bashing.

I can’t write a check rule for bashing because bashing isn’t a specific action. I get that.

But if I use a Before or Instead, I can test for a description like bashing only if I also test for another action at the same time.

e.g. This compiles:

(Instead of / Before) bashing or opening board:

This doesn’t:

(Instead of / Before) bashing board:

Is this a bug? Or some kind of feature I don’t understand?

Minimal case:

lab is a room.

board is in lab.

attacking is bashing.
pushing is bashing.

Before bashing board:
	say "I bash the board.";



You can’t use bashing board as an action descriptor, since it’s a category of actions and so it doesn’t have a noun.

Your example of bashing or opening board is actually saying (bashing) or (opening board).

The fix is:

Before bashing when noun is board:
    say "I bash the board.";

I guess the reason there are no nouns, fundamentally, is because a category can include actions with different numbers of nouns! e.g.

going is motion.
jumping is motion.

There can’t be a noun for motion in case the action is jumping.


Right, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.



Similarly: “Swearing is inappropriate behavior. Attacking a person is inappropriate behavior.” Now attacking an inanimate object isn’t included in the category!