Some result stats and some thoughts

I’m really not advocating anything that isn’t already in the rules – it is not a giant leap from “the game advertises itself as a heartfelt paean to fish sticks and you really don’t like fish sticks” to “the game is in Twine and you really don’t like Twine.”

Somebody pointed out a statistical blip that is not demonstrably attributable to anything in particular and is equally compatible with the 10,000 other ways that people are allowed to vote in this competition.

If this competition is meant to be sorting out and delivering whatever IF means today, it should just keep throwing everything in there, not adding clauses drawing attention to any particular kinds as if there’s something wrong with them. As Peter already pointed out, the progress of choice-based games in this comp has been outrageously successful in almost no time, and nobody had to be beaten with a stick for that to happen. The results are organic and they should be.