Some restructuring

Hi all.

I’m going to be doing a little restructuring this weekend. Nothing major. No cause for alarm (I hope).

I’m going to put the “Collaborators” board under the “General” category. I think right now, there’s a category specifically for it, which we don’t really need. It’ll still be a separate board, but under the “general” category.

I’m also going to split out the “interpreters, add-ons, and tools” board. There will be a new category for this. Initially, it’s going to have two forums – General, and Inform. General will get all the existing discussion from that board. Inform is going to be a special case, with its own moderator, per-extension threads, etc. It’s meant to facilitate some upcoming Inform changes that are likely to generate a good deal of discussion. More specifics about how that’s going to work will probably be explained by somebody else.

I think that’s everything, although there might be a couple other boards that don’t need their own category.


It’s probably not a secret. I just don’t know all the details. It has to do with obsolete stuff that’s being removed, and may affect extensions that need some revision afterwards.

Well you caught me off guard. It’ll take a little getting used to though.

The next version of Inform will finally remove a number of deprecated phrases (useful for performance) and add ways to change library messages natively (rather than with the Custom Library Messages and related extensions).

What that means in practice is a period of transition where extension compatibility becomes a little more complicated than it hitherto has been. Consequently there’s some volunteer work going into making the extension site better (keeping older file versions, more rigorously marking compatibility), and addressing some of the other extension-related uservoice suggestions, including the suggestion to have a place where people can give feedback on extensions and make requests. This is part of that process.

And thanks, Merk!

[left hind-foot begins thumping happily!!!]*

  • Best way to interpret the sound.

Anyone else feel that the Looking for Collaborators board should be moved to the Authoring category?

Any chance of adding a site logo whilst you’re at it?

Sounds logical.

Also, how would everyone feel about removing some of the "Game"s from board titles?

I suddenly noticed I can’t do anything in “General: Interpreters, Add-Ons, and Tools” other than “read”. I can’t reply, edit, make new topics. Is this some fault on my end, or…?

Hmm sorry for that, it should be fixed now?

Brilliant, thanks. :slight_smile: