Some music!


I hope this is the correct subforum for this kind of post:

I plan to release a musical score along with my first text adventure, and for those of you who don’t consider this too much of a spoiler (or who don’t plan to play my game) I’ll offer a first look at what I’m making. Right now it consists of two tracks, the first one still being unfinished.

It will just be a gimmick to go along with the game (similar to artwork to set you in the mood), the game itself won’t play any music. There will probably a short guide shipped with the game which explains what the pieces are for, or alternatively small hint mentions to some soundtrack pieces inside the game.

I’m careful to pick generic/non-revealing song names, so it shouldn’t reveal much about the plot.

Feel free to comment/give feedback or just to enjoy the music! :sunglasses:

Download link for the archive with the music:
The archive is .7z and not the popular .zip, you may need to install 7-zip to extract.
The archive is password protected:

The password is: bartaxscore

Please don’t republish without permission.

As soon as I’m creating new songs I will update the archive accordingly.


7-zip is great - it’s one of the first programs I install on a new Windows computer - but I don’t have anything on my Mac (that I’m using the most, including this moment) to unpack .7z archives with.

Edit: I’ve now booted up my Windows box to unpack and listen to it. It sounds good! A bit weird chord choice at 25s in Departure, but otherwise I quite like the tune, particularly its rendition in track 2.

(Considering that Ogg Vorbis files barely can be compressed any more than what they already are, I still think that choosing a more common archive format would be a good idea. The 7z format doesn’t give any advantages here.)

I have the command-line 7-Zip installed (I didn’t install the graphical interface), and I think that the command-line interface is ported to many systems and isn’t only for Windows.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :slight_smile: I hope you enjoyed it. I did now update the first piece to be pretty much full-length - I did keep the chord choice though, I like the curiousity and also interesting slight strangeness it conveys. Kind of like widening the mind on new things. If you can be bothered, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the longer version!

7-zip for Mac is apparently named “7zx” and can be found e.g. here. I encrypted the archive because otherwise the file hoster knows it’s music and will probably annoy me about whether I own the copyrights (which I do!), and then I figured I might aswell pick an archive format where the encryption is actually working (although they wouldn’t bother enough to break it I suppose). Ok the archive has “score” in its name, which kinda gives the contents away… oh well :wink:

You could try A free account worked very well for me (looks like this). It allows people to listen to a transcoded versions of my tracks or they can download the original (which I upload in FLAC format, which is lossless), but you can also upload Vorbis files if you want.

it sounds really good! I calm and meditative music which reminds me a bit of the “Tale of Maj’Eyal” game.
Which software are you using for composing and recording those musics?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: all done in this program, no recording involved (manually notated & tweaked with lots of mouse fiddling, and sound is 100% sampled/synthesized)

The first half of the departure piece didn’t sound too meditative I hope (up to 1:18)? It was supposed to evoke movement/energy since it’s for a departure :stuck_out_tongue: also some uncertainty about what is to come, mixed with determination.