Some dialogue topics not working

Working in Inform 7. I have an NPC I have a few topics for, and most of them work like a charm, but there’s one that isn’t working, and I have no idea why not.

The topic is coded like so

After asking testperson about "spray/nose spray/NoseKnows", say "'whatever'".

Asking about “nose spray” works as intended, but the other two both produce “There is no reply.” There’s also an item named “nose spray” so is this what’s messing it up? If not, what?

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The slash separates individual words, not the entire topic. When you have "spray/nose spray/NoseKnows" it means “match exactly two words where the first word is either ‘spray’ or ‘nose’ and the second is either ‘spray’ or ‘NoseKnows’.”

You’ll have to create a new token for complex topics:

Understand "nose spray" and "spray/NoseKnows" as "[NoseKnows]".
Instead of asking testperson about "[NoseKnows]", say "'whatever'".