[SOLVED]Undum and Text Input

For some reason, text input forms don’t seem to be working in Undum. I’ve included the following code in my game:

First name:
Last name: \


Although the text input forms do show up, when I actually try to enter data, no letters appear. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Do you know of a solution?


Purely by accident, I found what might lead to a solution. If I click on a text field and then press Tab, then I can enter data normally. I have no idea what’s causing this behavior, but I’ll start searching Google for an answer. If I find one, I’ll post it.

Well, it’s a hacky solution, but at least it works. By adding an onclick command, I’m able to get the input fields working. Now the code reads:


First name:

Last name:

\ \[/code]