[solved] testing UNDO in I7 <- use skeins, not 'test'

I’ve noted that Inform does not allow a line such as

test try-endings with “e/tug superman’s cape/undo/w/spit into wind/undo/n/pull mask off lone ranger/undo/s/s/mess around with slim/undo/mess around with jim”;

However, this seems like a sort of test that could be very useful.

I think I understand why, but I’m wondering…does anyone here have a better solution than taking a transcript while using a keystroke sender (e.g. AutoIt) with various commands to test this sort of thing? Because that seems to replace the skein adequately but has the problem of running into having to type space, too…


There’s a feature request page for this: inform7.uservoice.com/forums/573 … n-test-me-

Unfortunately, as noted there, it’s difficult to set up.

Great, thanks! I didn’t have the feature requests page etc. bookmarked, but I will now. It’ll be useful to look for next time when I have this sort of question.

Given the error message, I just assumed UNDOing was impossible/way down on the list.

My workaround seems to work for now. I was just curious if anyone had something slick, or there was some convention the community had.

ETA: never mind. For some reason I thought skeins didn’t work with UNDO. Turns out, that was just me projecting from TESTs. That makes everything double super accessible.