[Solved] Searching the name of a game: Break into a lab

Hi all,

I’m looking for the name of a game. You break into a lab or facility or so. You are in a simulation where you are observed by the owners of the facility. They want to see how you broke into the lab etc.

I’m sure someone knows which game I mean. If the description wasn’t sufficient, say so.


That doesn’t sound familiar, but can you provide more details? Anything at all - approximate time period, platform, with or without graphics, parser or choice-based, any other little details you remember. The platform is especially important.


Not hundred percent sure but I think it was Z code from 1990s.

You start at an alley with nothing except brick walls. You have to search for some well-hidden mechanism to open a wall. If you take too long the game will leave the sim and the people who have captured you say something like “We don’t believe you are that dumb. Try again.”

Without graphics.


Sounds like Spider and Web.


“Spider and web” that name rings a bell. But the description says something about vacation, which doesn’t fit.

Edit: Started it online and I’m sure now that this is it. Thanks!