[solved] Plurality problems: [it-them] prints wrong pronouns

I’m pretty new to this. This code:

[code]Include Plurality by Emily Short.

The Kitchen is a room.

A table is here. A man called Bob is here. A woman called Sara is here.

Instead of attacking something, say “I don’t want to attack [it-them].”[/code]

Produces this in game:

This is just for example. In my main game it prints all male pronouns instead of all female ones, and sometimes randomly switches to “It.” In the above code, there must be a problem with my “instead” line, but I can’t find what it is. Any help would be appreciated. Running Inform 7 (build 6G60) with inbuilt Version 9 of Plurality by Emily Short. Thanks!

Plurality’s pronouns agrees with the most recently mentioned object. Sara in this case (if you declare the objects in another order, it will say “it” or “him”.)

Unless you use the variable pronouns after just having mentioned an object in your source text, you should tell Inform what object the pronoun should agree with:

Instead of attacking something, say "I don't want to attack [it-them of the noun]."

That worked, thanks a bunch Felix. I owe you one.