[solved] IFIDs: anything that can change them in a project?

So I wanted to add my TMBG tribute games to IFDB. It asked for an IFID. I’m able to see where it is quite nicely in the Inform 7 IDE on Windows…Index, Contents, Library card.

But then I realized something. I’ve worked on the game from different computers. I am pretty sure the game is in the same folder, but I’m wondering what could change.

This is more out of intellectual curiosity since of course I was able to pull my games down and check their ID’s, but I was wondering…if I decide to make a touch-up, will being on different computers affect the IFID? I’m guessing not, but I would rather make sure.

I’m not sure how much of this is extra-secret black box stuff, either, that programmers don’t need to know. But I’m just curious what could affect the IFID that programmers should know about.


The IFID of a game is stored in a file called “uuid.txt” in the game’s project folder. If you transfer this file along with the source code when moving from PC to PC then the IFID will stay the same. Each time inform creates a new project, it randomly creates it. Theoretically, you could tinker with this file and change the IFID, but this is highly unrecommended.

Thanks very much! This is good to know. I think I’m only copying my story file over, so I’ll be sure to check if the home version of my uuid.txt is different from my work version, or whichever. And I know to copy uuid.txt over for future projects now.

And yeah, no way I’d tinker with files I don’t know what they’re there for.