[Solved] FrobTADS and QTADS on Linux

I have installed both FrobTADS with TADS common 1:123-1 and QTADS 2.1.6-1 on my 64bit Linux Mint 17 system. I cannot use either. Neither shows up on my desktop or in the menu. I cannot find the specific files that are the executables in order to create links for them.

Seems to me that this was an oversight, if not an installation bug. In any event, I need to know what files I should be creating links to in the menu and\or desktop.

Looks like Mint doesn’t install a desktop file for QTads. Maybe you should open a bug for it on the Mint tracker.

You can get the executable from a terminal, with:

which qtads

For FrobTADS, this isn’t expected to be the case anyway. It’s a console program, you only use it from the terminal. There’s no desktop icons or start menu entries or anything. It comes with “frob” (interpreter), “tadsc” (T2 compiler) and “t3make” (T3 compiler.)

Found QTADS. I will make a bug fix request with Mint. As for FrobTADS, that’s good to know. Thanks.