[solved] Filenames wrong in several extensions...

Could somebody please verify that there is something off with the following extensions?

Include Glulx Entry Points by Emeily Short. Include Basic Hyperlinks by Emeliy Short. Include Hyperlink Interface by Leonardo Boselli.

Inform 7 (Inform (1.2 6.31/6G60)) says it can’t find them even though they are installed. Extension info shows me this:

Warning. Inform checks the folder of user-installed extensions each time it translates the source text, in order to keep this directory page up to date. Each file must be a properly labelled extension (with its titling line correctly identifying itself), and must be in the right place - e.g. 'Marbles by Daphne Quilt' must have the filename 'Marbles.i7x' (or just 'Marbles' with no file extension) and be stored in the folder 'Daphne Quilt'. The title should be at most 51 characters long.......

‘Emily’ only has one E :smiley:

Fixed. It still throws me errors though:

Include Basic Help Menu by Emily Short. Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. Include Glulx Entry Points (for Glulx only) by Emily Short. Include Text Capture by Eric Eve. Include Basic Hyperlinks (for Glulx only) by Emily Short. Include Hyperlink Interface (for Glulx only) by Leonardo Boselli.


[code]This is the report produced by Inform 7 (build 6G60) on its most recent run through:

Problem. You wrote ‘Include Basic Hyperlinks (for Glulx only) by Emily Short’ : but I can’t find that extension, which seems not to be installed. (You can get hold of extensions which people have made public at the Inform website.)
Problem. You wrote ‘Include Hyperlink Interface (for Glulx only) by Leonardo Boselli’ : again, I can’t find that extension.[/code]

Edit: Problem fixed. The filenames of the extensions had " (for Glulx only)" in them. Remove that and they will load properly.