[Solved] Cryptozookeeper: Getting the frog DNA

It seems that in order to get some frog DNA, one has to perform an exorcism with Lebbeus and Bleem. The whole sequence however is weird. It’s like everyone’s on LSD or something. How do I successfully complete the exorcism?

Although getting frog DNA seems optional and not required in order to complete the game, I’d still like to get it.

The only part I was able to figure out is to take the cross, and then DAMN the Nessie cryptid when it appears. But after that, no idea.

Never mind. Figured it out.

Did you really figure that puzzle out on your own? I am amazed. I “figured it out” after badgering the author through e-mail. :slight_smile:

I didn’t figure out the puzzle, just the command. I typed a LOT of random verbs, and hit the one that worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Is anyone gonna actually… you know tell us the solution! :neutral_face:

Depends. Are you asking for it? Hard to tell. This thread is five years old.

Here is a bit of backstory for that puzzle, since it got bumped.

My friend Alex (who plays Lebbeus) introduced me to the work of a British magician named Derren Brown. I only know him from Youtube, though my understanding is that he has shows? Specials? Series? Something like that.

One of the topics Derren has had with his shows is something called neuro-linguistic programming (a pseudoscientific set of techniques said to influence people’s thought processes by use of language). This is a good video on that topic, with Derren and Simon Pegg. So in Cryptozookeeper, I was trying to influence the commands guessed in the exorcism by planting language and phrases in the previous chapters of the game.

One problem with that, though. NLP isn’t real, isn’t “possible,” doesn’t exist in the real world and the bits I’ve watched is magic tricks from the world’s greatest magician. Whoops! I didn’t learn that until well after the game was complete and ohhh did I try to load up the text in the earlier parts for this. Ah, well.

Oh Boy, I remember this puzzle.

I was very cross with Mr. Sherwin when I betatested this part.

I don’t remember anymore :mrgreen:

I do remember that at some point I started trying to “read the author’s mind.” In this case, this meant I started entering obscenities. Didn’t work. I don’t remember what I typed in the end.

I envision this quoted again and again, book-review style, in the main page of every Robb Sherwin game.

If I could have done it all over again, I would have recorded a catchy song and had the chorus be the solution to the exorcism. I would have ensured that it played both before the player got that far a few times and also right when entering the party. I think it would have been cool for the player to be humming something absent-mindedly and then have the solution pop. (Though I guess that require knowing if music is turned on or not.)

nebsoup, thank you for playing my game. I hope you are, for the most part, enjoying it. Here’s the solution from memory, so if this isn’t it just let me know and I’ll double-check :slight_smile:

[spoiler](Upon entering)

take cross
damn nessie
crave oblivion[/spoiler]

Also known as speech.