Software for authoring 'action' type IF games?

Looking for software, or a collaborator, to implement an action style IF game, or, hopefully, produce a new type of IF-authoring program which features libraries of material types, physical laws and a broad range of links between the interface (single player) and the game world to produce a unique type of interactive environment where authors can quickly write up an environment (say, a room), define its contents and structures, and immediately interact with things by having all those rules pre-programmed.
That is, with every game entity in the world tracked at each unit of time (second) similarly to modern FP games.
Something that, with the hard work of programming done, can be used to make a more immersive game that will appeal to those who prefer simple actions and simple keyboard inputs working on top of a complicated world environment … I suppose that its like playing a 3d game blindfold, but I imagine it being highly immersive … or at least a good way to improve typing speed!