So who here is planning on making a game for the Comp?

I was just curious about how many people have a game they’re planning on entering in the IF Comp. I think Jamespking (sp?) has a game he’s working; who else here has something in the pipeline?

And isn’t it about time for some predictions about what kinds of games are going to be in the comp?

Personally, I’m really hoping to see a meta of some form.


That would spoil the surprise! Plus, it’s best for an author to know who they’re up against after they’ve submitted their games or we might end up with some last minute withdrawals!

Kevin: A predictions thread would be nice, wouldn’t it? I think I’ll make one soon.

climbingstars: I don’t think a simple roll-call is going to scare people away from entering the Comp. Unless, say, Emily Short says she’s entering, or something.

I’m not making a game for the comp (I’m not a comp guy), but I’ll definitely be popping some popcorn for this year’s discussion of the rules :slight_smile:

Okay, so I’ve made an IF Comp Predictions thread! Semi-serious flash fictions are not required, but they are encouraged.