So many issues! Please help!

OK, so I’ve had about a billion issues as of late and have been trying to track down answers but every answer keeps leading to a new issue!

Originally, I had this issue

P32 - Wrong kind of thing in decide on 

Then I tracked down a intfiction post that suggest downloading and setting up I7grip to debug things. I did that, and I was able to fix a few things, but now I get this issue:

*** Runtime failure in Debug File Parsing: The debug information file appears to have the wrong format; the first magic number doesn't match my expectations. *** *** Continuing further seems like a bad idea, so I've terminated the story. ***

Update: I got the debugger to work, had an issue with the symbolic links. But guess what, now something else is broken! :cry:

Debugger spits this out:

[code][Breakpoint triggered by soue text: Runtime problem

Execution paused within the I6 routine

044267 return V;

Selecting the nearest location in the simplified call stack, which is within to decide which g-window is the direct-parent of (g - a g-window):

050897 decide on the holder of g;[/code]

which is a part of the “flexible windows” extension

Are you using an up-to-date version of Flexible Windows? I believe the current version is 15/170131, which is on github here.

Ok, I am now. But now I get:

 You wrote 'The verb to spawn implies the containment relation'  : but new verbs can't be defined with infinitive alone, and should have all parts supplied: for instance, 'The verb to sport (he sports, they sport, he sported, it is sported, he is sporting) ...'

What version of Inform 7 do you have? That looks like a message from an old version of Inform 7–in older versions you had to write out the conjugation for new verbs, but starting a couple versions ago Inform guesses the conjugations. See Section 13.9 of Writing with Inform, which mentions the changes.