So has anyone played through Scroll Thief?

Correction: which I’m hoping to finish by about two days after I figure out why this compiles on Windows but not Ubuntu. I am finally realizing why all the links between the extension folders were a bad idea…

For what it’s worth, I was only using it as a shortcut for REZROV NORTH DOOR (to disambiguate it from the south door); I don’t think I would have thought about using spells on compass directions in general. But it’s probably a good idea in general to be robust about players using directions as nouns.

In the current version it will redirect to a door if possible, and otherwise give the “not substantial” message (same as if you REZROV MOONLIGHT or such).

For some reason, this post prompted me to start Scroll Thief, which I now just finished (albeit not with a perfect score). While I still encountered some bugginess and slowness here and there, it was a truly impressive game. I was puzzled not to see more IF from @Draconis on IFDB. Is this really your only game? If so (well, in any case actually) I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Hey, thanks for the praise :smiley:

It is indeed my only game; real life’s gotten in the way of making more IF. But if you find any new bugs, let me know and I’ll try to fix them, and the sequel is still on the back burner for whenever I get more time!

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I just published a review too. It certainly deserves more of those.

Bug-wise, there were mainly two things that were routinely noticeable:

  1. The disambiguation suggestions often included the first noun as a suggestion when it was the second noun that was supposed to be disambiguated.
  2. The game ran very slowly at times, more so than any other big game I have played. For some reason this was especially prevalent when untying the rope.

Oh yeah, the rope…I think I know why. I’ll add that to the bug tracker.

For the disambiguation, could you give me an example? I’m not quite sure I understand.

Here are some examples:

What do you want to ask the 1) astronomer about: the 2) carbide lantern in the Splendid Cavern, or the 3) dented brass lantern?

What do you want the 1) Adventurer in the Bottom of the Staircase to point: the 2) small transparent sphere, the 3) small blue sphere, or the 4) small red sphere?

What do you want to put the 1) rusty knife in: the 2) battered scroll tube, the 3) glass aquarium, the 4) ornate mahogany box, the 5) pen case, or the 6) small oven in the Clean Room?

Ohhh! I see what you mean! I’m pretty sure I can fix that.