So, about those XYZZY awards...

How are we doing XYZZY this year? I know there was a big controversy last year that spawned a thread discussing what changes might be made to the awards, but I haven’t seen any news on what changes we might see this year.

We’re still putting a little polish on the details, but the gist is that there are going to be no major changes this year: the biggest change is that we’re going to have clearer statements about what the expectations for responsible authors and voters are. (This also gives us a firmer basis to jump on vote-floody behaviour earlier on.) David Welbourn’s also trying to make the first-round list a little less daunting by making it link-rich, rather than a wall o’text.

The general philosophy is that it’s better to change cautiously than to overreact, throw up barriers everywhere, and possibly turn the XYZZYs into a wholly different beast. If we still get problems, we’ll a) consider stronger measures for future years, and b) probably deal with them in the first round in any case.