Snippets of Inform 7 history

There are a few threads floating around about Inform 6 vs Inform 7 and the historical context of Inform 7.

I was researching and found a cool post by Emily Short about 8 months after Inform 7 was released:

Reaction to I7 has been too various and too nuanced for any general
summary to be possible, but it may be worth noting that we still have
little experience of I7 through the whole end-to-end design cycle of a
work of IF. The first month saw a small blizzard of questions and
reactions (Google suggests that May 2006 was the highest-traffic month
in RAIF’s history). Inform 6 users reacted to the first sight of I7 by
trying to safeguard existing capabilities: wanting to be assured that
it is possible to write hybrid I6/I7 works, to include verbatim I6
code, and so forth. Today many users have solid experience of writing
medium-sized works with I7, and low-level I6-interface features are
talked about less. But relatively few of these works have been finished
yet - not surprisingly since most non-speed-IF takes most of a year to
complete. So perhaps the least discussed features of I7 are those
relating to “publishing” - bibliographic data, cover art, and so on. We
considered such features a major part of what I7 was trying to do, but
it is as yet unclear whether people like them, and few of the
suggestions below relate to publishing. We would be interested to
receive more feedback on this. The wariness of I7 authors entering the
2006 IF competition - they mainly steered clear of blorbed story files
with cover art - reflects that I7’s default story file format, though
based solidly on existing formats, is not yet widely accepted. This may
be because Treaty of Babel-compatible interpreters and IF browsers are
not yet widely used. We hope to do more in 2007 to champion
interpreters and IF browsers which are cross-IF-virtual-machine, and
which make IF generally more like iTunes and less like /usr/bin.

I just felt like this was cool and thought others might. It’s not exactly what I was looking for (I wanted to find people complaining about Inform 7 or praising it), but I’m going to keep looking and, if I find anything else cool, post it here.