Smallworlds: Interactive Fiction Framework in Smalltalk


I just finished the first stable version of Smallworlds, an interactive fiction framework written in Pharo Smalltalk.

The code is based on a previous work by Bob Jarvis, but I have modified it so much that it is as something new. It is hosted on Smalltalkhub: (!/~ericvm/Smallworlds/). It comes with an implementation of the Cloak of Darkness interactive fiction example.

I’m open for suggestions and contributions. If any one familiar with Smalltalk (or interested in learning) are willing to give it a try, please do so! :slight_smile:

It is pretty much raw at this point, but working.

Version 0.4 now on github:

Version 1.0 released on github:

Is there an example game created under this framework, apart from Cloak of Darkness? Something to give a player-side experience?