Small cover inclusion problem on Mac OS X 6G60

I’ve got the files Cover.jpg and Small Cover.png in my materials folder. When I Release the game with cover art, the Cover file gets copied to the Release folder, but the Small Cover does not - unless I turn it into a jpeg first. The compiler also shows a question mark instead of a pic of the small cover on the ‘packaging up for release - succeeded’ screen.

I think I’ve noticed random flakiness before where pngs are concerned. I’ve tried resaving this png in a different program, and with interlacing and without, but I can’t get it to stick.

Does the small cover actually get built into the gblorb? If not, I can overcome this bug just by manually copying it into the release folder.


No, it’s used only to generate the “along with a website”.

Thanks Zarf. The docs don’t give that impression, but I don’t know if they’ve changed in the newer Inform.