Skybreak v 1.3 is out!

A new update for Skybreak! is out, this is the third large update since the game was released, and in some senses the biggest.

Feature list:

  • Two new backgrounds (which means 2 new ways to win): the Monster Hunter’s objective is to rack up a bunch of kills for the most frequently-occurring monsters in the game, and gains adventure points by hunting rare monsters other characters could never hope to encounter. The Villain’s objective is to complete 3 phases of an evil plan, and gains adventure points by committing lesser acts of depravity, such as bombing space stations and frightening children. Both of these are very difficult objectives, potentially the two hardest, but both backgrounds are also considered “top tier” by my army of playtesters.

  • Three new talents (which means 3 new ways to spend adventure points): The “psychic” talent lets you meditate in lieu of having more traditional encounters, the “ninja” talent lets you instantly escape almost any encounter with hostile enemies, and the “master chef” talent lets you cook up exciting creations using organics.

  • One new species, the Gawinn, flightless aquatic birds hailing from the watery world of Gawa. They’re known throughout the cosmos as peerless pilots and starfighters, so the ideal build for such a character is obvious.

  • Five new worlds, less than usual because, by community request, this update focused on new character builds

Skybreak! will continue to receive regular updates. An update coming out later this year will add no new mechanics, but simply add new stylistic variations to frequently-occurring encounters and outcomes (which will make every playthrough feel even more fresh and unique). Skybreak 1.5, slated for next year, will add more than fifty new worlds, so brace yourselves for a whole lot more adventure in 2022.