Skills in Twine

I am using Twine to write an interactive story. My story includes skills with different levels. At the beginning there is an application system to the show that the player is going to participate on. For example, a strength they put on their application could be endurance, out of the 5 choices given. The skill level will go up on the story that goes afterward. This way, there are 5 next steps that are all basically the same thing. Is there a way for me to only use 1 next step and still have the skill levels change based on what was chosen?

Welcome Yuri! (or is it welcome Jeong?)

You should ask your coding questions in the Authoring subforum.
Also you should tell your story format, as Twine support Harlowe, Sugarcube, Chapbook and Snowman story formats.

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I am 80% sure I am using Harlowe.

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Well 80% isn’t precise enough. When you open your story on twine, in the bottom left corner of the window there’s an house, then the name of your story, then an upward triangle.
Click on the triangle, and the third item should allow you to modify your story format. Click this item, a dialog box will appear with the list of formats with radiobuttons. Check which one is selected, that’s your story format. You can either click outside of the dialog box or on the cross to close the dialog box and not change your story format.

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I am on Harlowe 3.2.3.

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Let’s see if I understand correctly.

The player has five skills.
There’s a process at the start of the game that allows player to spend six points to theses skills in any combination.
You wish the player will add all points at once rather than through six passages. Have I understood right?

I explained it really poorly.
I want a skill bar somewhere on the story when it is played, but I don’t want a different chapter for every combination of skills possible, I just want the skills to be different. These skills will later affect chapters, and that’s when I want the story to start breaking off.

First of all it seems you need story variables.
For instance

(set: $skill1 to 0)
(set: $skill2 to 0)
(set: $skill3 to 0)
(set: $skill4 to 0)
(set: $skill5 to 0)

Then it looks like you need to make them evolve.
For instance:

(set $skill3 to it +1)

Then you could use (if:) macro to have things different.

(if: $skill4 >3)[[[Success!]]]

Is there anyway to get it to show up on the screen?

Probably. What do you mean by ‘it’? The fact there’s a skill? You can set a passage with all skills.

Skill number one: $skill1
Skill number two: $skill2

Also you can explain with some choices the character will increase or decrease a stat

(link: "Read the book")[Intelligence +1 (set: $skill1 to it +1) [["Read the book"]]]

Thank you, this really helped!!!

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