Size limit of Z8 created with Inform7


I just started programming an adventure in Inform7. I created a world consisting of some rooms, objects and puzzles. But the game is far from beeing completed.

I released the game for testing to a Z8-file. It is around 250 kB. I have heard that the maximum file size is 512 kB. Now I am worried, if I will reach this limit because I want to put there some more rooms, objects and puzzles.
If my game will be too big… What can I do?

Thank you for your help!

You’re not going to go over the limit any time soon. I have two projects that are just at the 512 kb limit and they have, including extensions, about 50,000 words each. The 250 kb you have now includes a lot of overhead from the standard rules.

Even if you do hit the limit you just have to switch to Glulx which has practically no upper file size limit. It might require minor changes to the code but shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you for this explanation! So I hope not to exceed the limit :wink:

Just so. And for bonus perspective, the very very very leanest I7 program (something like “X is room” being the whole of the code) will compile to around 153 kilobytes with a recent version of I7 … which in turn means that 250kb is, in practical terms, only 27% of the way to filling up the z8 jug.